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Organic Date Spread Bundle

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These 8 oz. jars are a great way to have a variety of your favourite Healthy Genie flavours!

This bundle consists of all our spreads:

  • Organic Date & Tahini
  • Organic Date & Cinnamon
  • Organic Date & Chocolate

Spoon over fresh banana bread for an extra touch of sweetness and a boost of energy & potassium.

For the cheese lovers our spreads pair well with Brie, Goat Cheese and Aged Cheddar.

Replace sugary toppings on your popcorn with our spread and enjoy it's natural caramel texture.

Check out our blog and Instagram for more recipes and ideas.

Traditional Date & Tahini  Ingredients: Organic Pure date molasses, Organic tahini paste (sesame paste). Date & Cinnamon: Organic Pure date molasses, Organictahini paste (sesame paste) , organic cinnamon powder. Date & Chocolate: Organic Pure date molasses, organic tahini paste (sesame paste), organic cocoa powder.

All our products are vegan, natural and made using the finest ingredients.