The Perfect Meat-Less Charcuterie Board For Two!

The Perfect Meat-Less Charcuterie Board For Two!


Photography & Styling by Maha Munaf



Holiday entertaining is looking a lot more different this year but this doesn't mean that we can't create delicious feasts for smaller and more intimate gatherings.

In fact this charcuterie board can be prepped ahead and assembled in minutes.

I wanted to maintain my wholesome approach to eating by using 85% plant-based ingredients (you can actually turn this into a 100% plant-based board if you replace the cheese with a vegan one).


These are the elements that were considered when I was planning this scrumptious board



The Cheese

Keeping it simple is key and focusing on an aged option is recommended. I went for Camembert for a change (I usually opt for Brie) and for the topping I crushed some delicious Persian pistachio and mixed it with ½ a tsp of Rose water.

* for a vegan option I find that any cashew based cheese would make an excellent replacement here.



The Dips & Spreads

I wanted to use both savoury and sweet options.

For the savoury I wanted a more rustic looking dip, traditional hummus topped with dried parsley leaves and drizzled with Jordanian olive oil creates the perfect blend and of course my favourite sweet option is Healthy Genie's Traditional Date & Tahini spread which is great on a cracker, topped with the cheese.


 The Crackers & Bread

Gluten free date & cranberry crackers are a must for me and I also added a plain option. Breadsticks work too.



I like using both dried and fresh and for the dried option you can't go wrong with dates. I stuffed a few of them with the pistachio mix I used on the cheese which you really have to try. For the fresh element I had a delicious crispy organic Royal Gala apple (if you have to choose only 1 thing to buy organic then I would recommend apples) I simply sliced it because it is great with the date spread or on it's own and will add the element of freshness to your board.


Raw, unsalted is what I always go for. I used almonds, walnuts and pistachio.

You can easily replace any ingredient with what you have in your pantry. The purpose of showing you this board is to help you realize that you don't need to always go with the same choice of any ingredient. Other options can be just as good and fun. I don't consume alcohol so for me I would serve this board with a pot of Qahwa (arabic coffee – cardamom flavoured) and tea. Let me know what you would pair yours with!


From my family to yours


Happy Holidays!




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